Bugs are a phenomenon in a game where effects of unsupposed problems occur, and make the game do incorrect things (crash, sink ships, allow things, etc). Here's a list of many infamous bugs OF ALL TIME. please do not delete any bugs, as this is for bugs that happened all time, even if there patched. We will give an "annoying rating" based on how much the bugs negatively effect the game. Higher number is worse. 1-10

Posidon's drag:

Sometimes, huge ships are tipped at small spots and eventually sink, or be dropped to continue regularity or get caught again. The ships start out as normal, but if committing complex turns, even with high stability (tested with ships of 500 stability), they sink. This happens even with high-health ships who took minimal damage. Annoyingness rating: 8.

  1. notes: nothing to worry about unless your a huge ship builder. If the problem occurs, slowing doJet egewn helps.