Oto Melara 76MM in game stats.


MK45 cannon as seen in real life. (I.P. for server 'Real Life' not found)

Fast firing weapons (such as the MK45 and the smaller Oto Melara 76mm) are a smaller alternative to the traditional cannons that Warship Craft offers. These guns share similar behaviours;

  • Fast firing
  • Accurate
  • Small
  • Have the ability to shoot down aircraft

This allows these weapons to take spaces on ships that the traditional guns just couldn't fit into such as;

  • Aircraft Carrier decks
  • Destoryer decks
  • Super structure sponsons.

But these weapons can also be used to complement the traditional cannons. Providing additional fire power.

Are weapons which fit in this class;

  • 120MM/45 QF Mk9 (Cost: 2600)
  • 127MM/38 Mk12 (Cost: 6000)
  • 130/58 Type76 (Cost: 17000)
  • Oto Melara 76MM/62 Compact (Cost: 23000)
  • 127MM/54 Mk45 Mod.2 (Cost: 50000)
  • M61 Vulcan (Cost: 3 Crystal)
    IMG 1805

    Notice the 4 Oto Melaras mounted on the sponsons from the super sturcture to support the main guns.