Is there a issue in IOS 9 with warship craft? I restarted the game (backed up my file with ifile) and reloaded without using the backup, everything is resetted including my resource and ships but it seems the prototype is ranked as VIP. I have no idea what is going on.

  • I never touched the capacity (many say that's the case but I restarted my game)
  • When deleting the game I deleted my ranking on Game Center
  • I haven't done any sort of file editing
  • I am jailbroken
  • I haven't used any third party software on the restarted game
  • iOS 9 is known for causing Game Center to not load, I found a way to go around that so that's not a problem
  • My game is restarted but multiplayer still don't want to work

Maybe since IOS 10 removed game center, older OS version can't connect to a match as they still support Game Center.