What is a navy?

In Warship Craft, people can make more than one ship. They can also send up to three of them into battle (you can only do this in two missions: 'Sortie the Fleet' and 'Stop Operation Rhine') as well as battle ones that they have made in 'Test mode'. Taken from the ability to construct multiple ships, some players have began to make their own 'navies' or a fleet of ships by adding abbreviations before the ships name (e.g. IJN Yamato, HMS Nelson). They sometimes also add a 'livery' or colour scheme to make them have a sort of 'uniform'.

Here is an example of a livery (credit to the creator):

Super Warship
There are many navies on Warship Craft, and some are even real life ones (e.g. US Navy, Royal Navy etc.)! There are no limits to what a navy can have besides what the game itself limits. Therefore, if you start a navy, you won't not be faced with many problems and so you can let your imagination run wild!

Navies on Warship Craft

Sign in to put yours here with your username, then the acronym and the meaning.

5musketeer’s, Navy [LLA] (Lord Logans Almighty)

-KelticCurse's, Navy [Sd.CO] (Ship Destroyer.CO)

-ZackRoyal's,Navy is [SWORN] Super Warships Of the Royal Navy

-Zeewitje's, Navy [HGT] Hollandia Gloria Triumphus

-Willthe Gamer's, (WRN) Will's Royal Navy

-Tobitombo's, [DM] Deutsche Marine (German Navy)

-KaiserTheKeyboard's, [DRN] Destiny Rebellion Navy

-UltimateNoobKiller's Navy, (UNC) United Naval Command

-ANDROMADA's, [I/LC] Logica Constructs

-GeneralZElite's, (UN PESG) United Nations Peacekeeping expeditionary Strike Group

-AnoniMosu's, [OWNS or OWNA] Old World Navy Ships/Alliance (IJN, USN, KMS, ORN fleets)

-TheMcZero's, [ IZS ] IsleZ Ship

-XxElite GamerxX, [APN] Atlantic Protection Navy.

-Grand Admiral Sand's AIWA (Anti Injustice War Allianc)

-Elli's, [NFR] Navy of the Fourth Reich

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