This is a page about staying safe and polite online. This is a review on things you were probobally taught at school. Anyway......

Don't swear:

The game is rated 4+ in the App Store. This gives young children a safe reason to get permission to download and play from their parents. Swearing isn't really relevent or appropriate. Plus, who would call their ship USS Dxxx?

Don't insult religion:

So some believe in one religion, while others believe in others. Its rude to name a ship "the bintendo gods are dumb". Some believe in them. It's okay to have ships called USS Zeus or USS God however.


I don't think we're playing this on our Nintendo 3ds or our Vita. Don't say anything insulting about other's industry in the console wars. Don't say that "the gamin station sucks" or the "MEE U is superior. " Plus, Apple has never released a gaming system since the 1990s.

Don't play online with hacked clients:

Don't purchase a jetcraft mod or nuclear missile mod or anything of that sort. Or, well, don't play with those ships online. You can't purchase those in vanilla. Plus, most hacks on IOS are illegal or downloaded. The iOS is secure. Also, purposely placing a bug on your connection can damage other systems, which calls for a property damage fine.

Please, This is a game, and trolling online is just evidence that you are cowardly, and have no honor.